The Fundamentals
The Fundamentals
Each fundamental course is based on industrial and couture
sewing methods.
All fundamental courses are notebook classes with
curriculum. Practicals are given to advance your sewing
The Institute of Sewing Arts is a complete sewing school.  All classes have consistent,
fundamental methods of sewing based on factory methods.  While project sewing is fun,
sometimes correct techniques are abandoned, and you don't always achieve the desired results.  
Each of the fundamental techniques are designed to work with the sewing machine making it an
extension of your hands. These methods, with practice, will give your projects a professional
touch.  Each class is in notebook form giving you the opportunity to construct your samples
according to your own machine. Along with the specified curriculum, your  notebook with samples
becomes your own sewing reference manual.
Know Your Machine*
Learn all facets of your sewing
machine including tension and stitch
adjustments. The second half is
devoted operating your machine for
optimal results using proven factory
methods. The results will amaze you!
3 hours
$60.00  includes 3-ring binder,
curriculum, and fabric.
Sleeves With Ease *
Learn to set a sleeve without
annoying pins or gathers.  This
proven factory method will give your
garments the professional touch.

2 hours
$40.00  includes  curriculum, and
Zippers, Facings & Linings OH MY! *
Learn to set a zipper into a bodice
with a facing and also with a lining.
You will be using a regular zipper.
3 hours
$60.00 includes curriculum,  zipper
and fabric.
Zippers *
Learn to set  lapped zippers and
concealed zippers. Must have a
concealed zipper foot.
3 hours
$60.00  includes curriculum,  zippers
and fabric.
Beginning Sewing - The Skirt *
The Fabric Corner’s Institute of Sewing Arts is offering for the first time, a 6 week
course on basic sewing skills. During this course you will construct a skirt (but not just
any old skirt, a “funkified skirt”).
All skills are referenced to factory methods of sewing. Here is an overview of some of
the skills that are covered in this first course:
Learn to read and fit a pattern properly
Learn the basics of fabrics, textiles, needles and thread
How to pin and cut out a pattern (so you think it’s easy?)
How to construct basic darts and seams
The dreaded zipper (you will be surprised at how easy it really is!)
Finish with the hem and embellishments
If you have never sewn before or are coming back to this wonderful skill, this course is
definitely for you. Included in the tuition of $90 is 12 hours of complete instruction with a
set of course materials and a 3-ring binder to start you on your sewing journey.

Dates: Choice of 2 sessions
Tuesday Evenings: March 6-April 10 th 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m.
Thursday Mornings: April 18 - May 23 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m.
Tuition: $90.00 at time of sign up
CALL NOW!  We still have some openings in the morning class!
Basic Sewing Machine Usage
* : If you own a sewing
machine or serger and need a
lesson, give us a call. Included in
your lesson are basic factory
skills, machine terminology,
troubleshooting, maintenance,
and reference sheets.  Each
lesson is 2hours @$40.00.  
 Call to schedule time.

The Institute of Sewing Arts features demonstrations
every two months in addition to our regular classes. In
March & April we will be offering
5 Skills for $10.00
demonstrations. These demos are based on the idea that once you
see how easy it is to do, you can just go home and do it.  The
following are the skills for March & April:
1. Lap Zipper Insertion: Give your pillow covers and more a
professional finish with this technique.
Pintuck Diversity: They are easy, fun and not just for heirloom
Sewing on a button with your sewing machine: Did you know that
even most older models can do this?
Using a gathering foot: With just a couple of adjustments, this
foot works like a charm.
Programming your alphabet font: Not all of you have this feature,
but if you do, why not use it. We will show you how with a few tips
and tricks for a good sew out.

Dates:         Tuesday,  April 17, 2012 1:00-2:30
Class Tuition:$265.00
The Sloper Draft
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Click here for detailed information
#501 Collars & Neckline Variations
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Class Tuition:$120.00
#502 Advanced Bodice
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Class Tuition:$300.00
#503 Sleeve Variations
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Class Tuition:$120.00
#504 Torso Foundation
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Class Tuition:$90.00
#505 Knit Top Foundation
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Class Tuition:$90.00
#506 Shirt Variations
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Class Tuition:$120.00
#507 Skirt Variations
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
Class Tuition:$180.00
*The Sloper Draft is required before taking the remaining bodice, sleeve and torso classes.
*Textbooks may be required and can be purchased through The Fabric Corner at a reduced rate.
New Dates Coming
Class Tuition:$110.00
The BodiceSloper Draft
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
The Pant Draft
Obtaining The Perfect Fitting Pants
Instructor: Mary MacGillis
This course runs 4 weeks
Class Tuition:$110.00
Pattern Fitting Lab

As part of our on-going Institute, we are offering a pattern fitting lab on the last  
Tuesday morning of each month.  Bring in your pattern and if possible a muslin
mock up of the pattern.  Mary MacGillis  will help you determine the best fit for
you.  Come once or come every month. This is a lab. Please call the shop for
your 45 minute appointment.
Required supplies: Pattern, pins, tape measure and
scissors-muslin if available.
The Sloper Draft Class is a foundation in creating your own patterns.  Mary
MacGillis is a pattern drafter and designer and has her own line of children's wear
patterns.  Courses including bodice, torso, and sleeve fitting will be offered.*
*The Sloper Draft is required before taking the remaining bodice, sleeve and torso classes.
*Textbooks may be required and can be purchased through The Fabric Corner at a reduced rate.
The Institute
Sewing Arts
(Located inside The Fabric Corner)
All of the Institute of Sewing Arts Classes include skill
building techniques with full instructional handouts.
The following Mary McGillis Classes are not scheduled at this time.