Our Instructors
Nadyne Buck
Nadyne's love of sewing began over 40 years ago with her Grandmother and her Mother.  She is
a licensed Martha Pullen Instructor . She teaches Beginning Heirloom as well as other project
sewing.  Her love of computers as well as the embroidery machines inspire her to design and
digitize machine embroidery.    She loves most all kinds of needlework except mending, 'that's
just work"!
Joyce Ensor
Joyce is our other Licensed Martha Pullen Instructor. Her wonderful attention to detail gives each
project that special finish.  She has also taken a number of courses and workshops in heirloom
sewing.  You can be sure that a class with Joyce will give you maximum skills for your next project
Joyce has recently become an Accredited Instructor for Jenny Haskins. Watch for more fabulous
classes from Joyce
Mary MacGillis
Our latest addition to The Fabric Corner teaching staff is Mary MacGillis. Mary has a degree in
Pattern Making and Design.  She has worked with several international companies as a pattern
maker and is a consultant and pattern maker and grader to several local businesses. She loves
teaching and is also an auxiliary instructor for the Mount Mary College Fashion Department.  
Welcome Mary!
Janine Netzel
Janine Netzel is the Consumer Education teacher and Department Chair for Wisconsin Hills
Middle School in Brookfield.  Janine has been sewing and smocking for over 30 years.  Her
greatest love is making doll clothes and has been making and selling them since 1991.  She
says that it is rewarding because "they don't outgrow them or complain about them".
Kathy Wurhmann
Kathy has been sewing and quilting for over 30 years.  Her keen eye for color adds interest and
visual impact in her creations.  Learning to quilt with Kathy is easy because of her patience and
warm personality.
Ruth Hauboldt
Ruth has been sewing most of her life. Originally trained at the Milwaukee Vocational School,
Ruth went on to work for the Florence Eiseman Company. She remained there for 35 years,
learning all aspects of factory sewing methods. Ruth moved on to Bostrum and was a floor
supervisor and trainer.  Ruth's vast knowledge of factory techniques and patient understanding
of the sewing world brings to the Institute of Sewing Arts a great opportunity for students to learn
from a master.
Diane Fisk
The Fabric Corner is proud to announce our new Education Director.  Diane comes to us with a
13 year background in the sewing machine market.  Many of you already are familiar with her
expertise from her many years at Sew 'N Save.  She has a degree in education and had her own
business for many years teaching and selling in the Wauwatosa area.  She will be responsible
for all of our classes and instructors.  We are proud to have her on staff and look forward to a long
relationship with her. Welcome Diane!!
The Institute
Sewing Arts
(Located inside The Fabric Corner)