Fridays Are UFO Days
Come in and sew .
Bring your UFO or new
project and
get guidance from our
sewing team.
Please bring your
sewing machine and

Time: 10:00-4:00pm
Cost: $7.00
PE Design
Software classes for PE Design are
available.  Each session is two hours.
Nadyne takes you through the
software, giving lessons on artwork,
digitizing, creating your own stitches,
modifying designs and lettering.  
Classes are $25 per session.
Call The Fabric Corner for more
Featherweight Class
Model 221
Do you own this wonderful machine?
Have you sewn with it? Perhaps you are
a quilter and have found that it is
perfect on your quilting retreats?
If you haven't used this machine or have
just purchased one of these gems, then
you will want to take this workshop.

The morning program will feature an
historical "biography" by Janet
After her informative
lecture, we will feature many of the
attachments and sew a few samples to
prepare for our project.  After lunch, we
will begin sewing our  project.
There will be prizes and treats just to
add to our fun.
Lunch will be provided
Cost is $40.00 and includes the kit
to make a cover for your featherweight.
Be prepared to be amazed at the
wonderful capabilities this machine
We offer this class twice a year, so
look for it either in March or September.
If you have any interest in attending a
Featherweight Club, please let us
know.  We would definitely be happy to
set that in motion if there is interest.
The Institute
Sewing Arts
(Located inside The Fabric Corner)
All of the Institute of Sewing Arts Classes include skill

Ask The Quilt Expert: Do you
have an unfinished quilt or "not
quite started" quilt?  Check in with
Kathy every third Wednesday from
10:00am-3:00pm. She will guide
you through your project and get
you back on the road  to finishing
that quilt.
Call to reserve your  
one hour space. $10.00

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Call 262-373-5500 to make your